Thursday, August 24, 2006

God's Country?

In Foreign Affairs, Walter Russell Mead explains to a worried non-Christian and post-Christian world the differences that exist between Protestant Christians of the "fundamentalist," "evangelical," and "liberal" varieties [including a pretty good brief history of each] and why the growing evangelical influence on foreign policy shouldn't be a cause for concern.

The magazine's abstract of the article:
Summary: Religion has always been a major force in U.S. politics, but the recent surge in the number and the power of evangelicals is recasting the country's political scene -- with dramatic implications for foreign policy. This should not be cause for panic: evangelicals are passionately devoted to justice and improving the world, and eager to reach out across sectarian lines.
Many American liberals also seem to lose their sense of proportion about evangelical influence, as is demonstrated by this review of several books about the supposed and feared impending arrival of Christian theocracy in the US.

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