Sunday, October 8, 2006

"The Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals"

"These are books that have shaped evangelicalism as we see it today—not an evangelicalism we wish and hope for. Books that have been published since World War II—not every book in the history of Christianity. Books that over the last 50 years have altered the way American evangelicals pray, gather, talk, and reach out—not books that merely entertained.We asked dozens of evangelical leaders for their suggestions, and they sent in their nominations. Then we vigorously debated as a staff as we ranked the 50 books."
The list.

Back in 2000, they chose the hundred books of the [last] century - found here.


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    My vote would be for Mere Christianity, one of the first books I read after becoming a Christian. I see it came in #3 on the list. :)

  2. I agree. Mere Christianity was very important for me, too. I think reading it convinced me [as a rather arrogant adolescent] that intelligence and Christianity could co-exist. Lewis's books generally have been important for me.

  3. Mere Christianity did make "number 1" in their list of the most significant hundred in the 20th Century.


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