Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Changes at "One Eternal Day"

"One Eternal Day" has not developed quite as I had anticipated. I had unrealistically - as I now realize - imagined a place where there would be an active exchange of ideas among Seventh Day Baptists. For various practical and completely understandable reasons it didn't happen that way.

I'm making a few changes:
  1. I'm making it a personal blog. That is to say, making explicit what has been de facto. For the time being there will no longer be collaborators contributing directly to the site, and thus nobody but me implicated in the opinions I write or choose to publish.
  2. The variety and type of material on the site will continue to be as it has been.
  3. There may be some commercial content in the form of links to books or other materials for sale, but only to items that might be of interest to those who wish to know more about something published here.
  4. And no doubt other changes will come...
This is a major change in direction from the original concept [although not the practice] and the direction may change again.

I am grateful for those of you who have been visiting regularly. I haven't provided very much original material here, but apparently what I have chosen to publish is of some interest. Nothing in that regard will change. I will continue to try to find new material every day. If you find the site interesting please let others know about it.

Jim Skaggs

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