Monday, November 6, 2006

"Is it a sin not to vote?"

Chuck Colson responds to an idea advanced by David Kuo suggesting that Christians should "fast" from voting:
"Kuo is dead wrong to suggest that that Christians ought to enter into a time of 'fasting' from politics. These words, which I wrote in 1987, that so influenced David are true today: 'Christians need to influence politics for justice and righteousness.' But we must do so 'with eyes open, aware of the snares . . . Today Christians may find themselves suspect — I have experienced this myself — to the very people on whose side they are fighting. But that is the price they must pay to preserve their independence and not be beholden to any political ideological alignment.' That's what I wrote in 1987; that's what I mean today.

Fasting from politics is the exact opposite of what I taught David Kuo, however. Only by continuing to fight for our beliefs, regardless of the temptations, compromises, or being called 'nuts,' can we achieve the kind of moral reform and protection of human rights that Christians throughout the centuries and in every culture work for.

This is why Christians must never 'fast' from politics. And it's why Christians, of all citizens, ought to be lining up to vote on Tuesday. Do your civic duty because you'll do your duty to God in the process.

And to abandon the battle on behalf of the sick and the suffering, the prisoner and the unborn: That would be a true sin."
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