Tuesday, November 27, 2007


At his blog, which he describes as concerned with "Living on Earth as Citizens of Heaven," Trevin Wax argues that "God’s grace should overflow even from our pocketbooks" and that:
It is shameful that many restaurant servers cringe at the thought of working for the “Christians” on Sundays. What do they expect on Sundays? Demanding customers. Lousy tips. The infamous tract that looks like a $20 bill. Self-righteous snobbery. (Believe me; I used to work at a Cracker Barrel.)

So, let’s turn that around. Let’s astound people with generosity.

Why leave a 15% tip for good service? Let’s go above and beyond and give 20% to a good server. After all, why should Christians settle for “average” tipping?

So, here’s a key to Christian tipping:
  • Servers at a sit-down restaurant: 20%
  • Take-out meals at a sit-down restaurant: 15%
    Yes, I know that many don’t tip for take-out meals, but just remember this: the server who put all your food together in packets and set it all up for you is probably making $2.15 an hour.
  • Pizza Delivery Man: 20% (or a $2.00 minimum)
    They use their own cars. Plus, they make their money off tips. So don’t be cheap with them! [more]
How Much Should a Christian Tip? « Kingdom People

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