Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sheer neglect

Leland Ryken, interviewed at The Resurgence, answers a question about attacks on the Scriptures, and argues that Evangelicals have only ourselves to blame:
The Bible has gone into eclipse in the evangelical world through sheer neglect. The enemy is within. The attacks from the outside are almost irrelevant. The Bible has been replaced by other things in the pulpits of evangelical churches, and church members tend to view the Bible as it is viewed in the church service. The evangelical church has only itself to blame for its well-documented biblical illiteracy. Several trends have gone hand in hand - the eclipse of expository preaching of the Bible, the loss of dignity in worship, in music, and in Bible translations, and the triumph of the modern media (including an obsession with entertainment) in the lives of Christians.
Thanks to Gospel Driven Church and Dying Church for the reference.

ESV: Now Available on Resurgence | TheResurgence

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