Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stay out of our pulpits!

From World Magazine's blog:
In a new poll, churchgoers sent a message to political candidates: We don’t want you in our pulpits:
A new Fox 5-The Washington Times-Rasmussen Reports poll found that less than one in four of those surveyed said it’s appropriate to campaign at their religious services, and a whopping 62 percent said it’s not right. ... “There are lines that people feel you shouldn’t cross. Different people might draw them at different places, but they clearly exist,” said Scott Rasmussen, who conducted the survey. He said that doesn’t mean voters don’t want candidates to show up and attend their services, but they also “don’t want to see a sermon or something presented as a sermon by a presidential candidate.”
Sermons should be about far more important subjects than elective politics and political speeches shouldn't substitute for them. Moreover, the appearance that a church blesses a candidate or a campaign divides Christian from Christian and diminishes the proper roll of that church.

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