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Narnian Chronology

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will be available in Blu-ray this summer about the time Prince Caspian is released in the theaters. Voyage of the Dawn Treader will soon be filming in New Zealand. Narnia fans, among whom I definitely count myself, will have much to enjoy over the next few years and, if the films do well, the possibility that all seven will eventually appear becomes increasingly likely.

New editions of the books, editions for younger readers, encyclopedias of Narnian lore, critical appraisals, and serious appreciations of the stories constantly appear at Amazon and in the stores. There have always been people who appreciate the books, which have never been out of print since their first publications. Enthusiasts, young and old, have also placed a great deal of information online.

At The Chronicles of Narnia Website I found the table below which aligns many Narnian and English events in chronological order. It clarifies the order of things both in Narnia and in relationship to earthly events. I have copied the table with corrections to a very few obvious typing errors. The original, by Jonathan Gregory, can be found here. [Update: I have discovered, very tardily, that this chronology was first done by C.S. Lewis himself. Wikipedia has an entry about it here.]


Narnian Years
Earth years
- - 1888 Digory Kirke born.
- - 1889 Polly Plummer born.
1 Creation of Narnia. The Beasts made able to talk. Digory plants the Tree of Protection. The White Witch Jadis enters Narnia but flies into the far North. Frank I becomes King of Narnia. 1900 Polly and Digory carried into Narnia by magic Rings.
180 Prince Col, younger son of K. Frank V of Narnia leads certain followers into Archenland (not then inhabited) and becomes first King of that country. - -
204 Certain outlaws from Archenland flee across the Southern desert and set up the new kingdom of Calormen. 1927 Peter Pevensie born.
- - 1928 Susan Pevensie born.
- - 1930 Edmund Pevensie born.
300 The empire of Calormen spreads mightily. Calormenes colonize the land of Telmar to the West of Narnia. 1932 Lucy Pevensie born.
- - 1933 Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole born.
302 The Calormenes in Telmar behave very wickedly and Aslan turns them into dumb beasts. The country lies waste. King Gale of Narnia delivers the Lone Islands from a dragon and is made Emperor by their grateful inhabitants. - -
407 Olvin of Archenland kills the Giant Pire.
- -
460 Pirates from our world take possession of Telmar. - -
570 About this time lived Moonwood the Hare. - -
898 The White Witch Jadis returns into Narnia out of the far North. - -
900 The long winter begins. - -
1000 The Pevensies arrive in Narnia. The treachery of Edmund. The sacrifice of Aslan. The White Witch defeated and the Long Winter ended. Peter becomes High King of Narnia. 1940 The Pevensies, staying with Digory (now Professor) Kirke, reach Narnia through the Magic Wardrobe.
1014 King Peter carries out a successful raid on the Northern Giants. Queen Susan and King Edmund visit the Court of Calormen. King Lune of Archenland discovers his long-lost son Prince Cor and defeats a treacherous attack by Prince Rabadash of Calormen. - -
1015 The Pevensies hunt the White Stag and vanish out of Narnia. - -
1050 Ram the Great succeeds Cor as King of Archenland. - -
1502 About this time lived Queen Swanwhite of Narnia. - -
1998 The Telmarines invade and conquer Narnia. Caspian I becomes King of Narnia. - -
2290 Prince Caspian, son of Caspian IX, born. Caspian IX murdered by his brother Miraz who usurps the throne. - -
2303 Prince Caspian escapes from his uncle Miraz. Civil War in Narnia. By the aid of Aslan and of the Pevensies, whom Caspian summons with Queen Susan's Magic Horn, Miraz is defeated and killed. Caspian becomes King Caspian X of Narnia. 1941 The Pevensies again caught into Narnia by the blast of the Magic Horn.
2304 Caspian X defeats the Northern Giants. - -
2306-7 Caspian X's great voyage to the end of the World. 1942 Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace reach Narnia again and take part in Caspian's voyage.
2310 Caspian X marries Ramandu's daughter. - -
2325 Prince Rilian born. - -
2345 The Queen killed by a Serpent. Rilian disappears. - -
2356 Eustace and Jill appear in Narnia and rescue Prince Rilian. Death of Caspian X 1942 Eustace and Jill, from Experiment House, are carried away into Narnia.
2534 Outbreak of outlaws in Lantern Waste. Towers built to guard that region. - -
2555 Rebellion of Shift the Ape. King Tirian rescued by Eustace and Jill. Narnia in the hands of the Calormenes. The last battle. End of the World. 1949 Serious accident on British Railways.

The Chronicles of Narnia Website: Outline of Narnian History ... So Far as It is Known

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