Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's your pro-life IQ?

Our friends at Focus on the Family and Concerned Women for America have developed a 20-question test to see how much you know about Roe v Wade and abortion myths. You can take the test here:
In spite of its impact, true understanding of Roe and what it accomplished remains relatively vague in the public consciousness. ....

We have created the Roe IQ Test to measure the current awareness of Roe and its effects, as well as to provide detailed information about the ruling. It only takes a few minutes to complete the test. Your answers and results will remain 100% confidential. [the test]
I missed two questions. I overestimated the number of abortions and chose the wrong Associate Justice.

Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: What's your pro-life IQ?


  1. Jim,
    I saw that test before. I did a lot better this time. :)

    I missed the number by one category (I guessed 30-39 million) but remembered the Judge.

    One the rest if you go by the rule, "the worst case is right" you pretty much get all of them right. Alas.

  2. "On the rest if you go by the rule, "the worst case is right" you pretty much get all of them right. Alas."

    It is depressing.

  3. I missed the same two questions. I had seen on the news recently that the number was estimated at 50 million, but the CDC's statistics are different, evidently. And the justice surprised me--who would have guessed?

    I have heard that young people are beginning to be on the pro-life side, partly because they realize they could have been an abortion statistic. And many of their potential friends have been aborted. There is hope, even if it's depressing right now.


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