Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The new Gnosticism

Lars Walker, commenting on disagreement about the authority of Scripture arising from the recent ELCA controversies:
It occurs to me that what we're seeing today in Christian liberalism is a new form of Gnosticism—a Gnostic heresy, if you will. The old Gnostics believed in a secret knowledge that was hidden from the unenlightened masses, and made them superior. The new Gnostics believe in a revelation which is secret in the sense of being personal—“I have my God who speaks to me things He/She might not say to you. However, for me, my revelation is authoritative, and nobody has any right to criticize it.”

This new kind of secret religion is open admission, however. Instead of a small core of enlightened masters, everyone is now an enlightened master.

Except for conservatives, of course. Conservatives are just wrong. And hateful. .... [more]

Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: Egalitarian Gnosticism?

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