Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not about a mythic me

Bob, who blogs at Wilderness Fandango, has been looking for a church and believes he may have found one. He explains an important aspect of his recent experience worshiping there:
...[I]t felt good to sing worship songs that were not about a mythic me loving God with all my heart forever and ever because I've totally surrendered, etc. Instead, the lyrics described the human condition realistically, and therefore emphasized our need for God, because our hearts are an undependable wreckage; God is the one of whom to use terms like "forever" and "totally." Ourselves, definitely not. And it's no small point. From faulty premises are derived faulty conclusions.

The message (on Genesis 13) started from the same understanding of the human situation. The preacher preached the Gospel, hard. I'm telling you, it was clear that he was tracking toward Jesus right from the start. The human predicament, self-will leading us to mess things up again and again, but the grace of God in Christ being bigger than all my sin. The Gospel!

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