Monday, November 1, 2010

"The present now will later be past"

Right Wing Bob responds to a blog post arguing that Bob Dylan's “The Times They Are a-Changing” is "a really dumb song" that seems a "self-serving charter for liberating oneself not only from one’s parents but from all they metaphorically represent....":
The song is a reflection on the reality and the irony of the fact that the times are always changing, and in this they never change. The constancy of human nature in a fallen world is a fundamental and persistent theme in Bob Dylan’s work. It is no accident that the last line of the song, before the final refrain, is from the Bible (“the first one now will later be last”). The Bible is Dylan’s nearest and dearest touchstone. ....

I would recommend listening to the elegiac rendition of the song which Bob Dylan delivered early this year at the White House. It was not the more triumphalist version which some in that audience may have been expecting to hear. I think that the performance underlines some of the points I made above, albeit in a rather more unspeakable and beautiful way. .... » Times Changing

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