Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A "niceness" problem?

Kevin DeYoung is analyzing his own denominational tradition, but I'm inclined to think this observation, at least, might also apply to mine:
I know you can’t prove these things, but again in my experience, I have seen a niceness and “inbredness” that leads Christians to avoid careful delineation and controversy. The unwritten rule is that he who mentions the problem is the problem. Getting along, maintaining the peace, not rocking the boat is the name of the game. And since there are so many overlapping family relationships (not really inbred of course), controversy is usually avoided at all costs. It’s too easy for family ties to be upset or for close friendship way back from Hope and Calvin days to be threatened. As a result, theological laxity is a huge problem.
Can the Reformed Resurgence Fly in Grand Rapids? – Kevin DeYoung

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  1. Jim, I would SO disagree about this except that would stir up controversy...


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