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Frank J. Fleming explains Christianity to the uncomprehending world:
There’s a brand new thing out there that has been confusing and frightening people lately: Christians. The first prominent Christian anyone ever heard of was probably Tim Tebow, and his appearance on the national scene was quite alarming to many, as his “Christian” behavior was seen as quite odd and new. More recently, people have learned about Dan Cathy and are disturbed to discover that some businesses may possibly be owned by Christians who express Christian-type views. And then there is Olympic champion gymnast Gabby Douglas, whose constant profession of faith in God is so frightening that an extremely bewildered author wrote an article about her in Salon.

Since ignorance is what leads us to fear something (unless we’re talking about platypuses, as the more you know about them, the scarier they are — did you know they’re poisonous?), I thought I’d write an FAQ about Christians to help explain what these strange new people are, so everyone won’t be all freaked out about them. ....
For instance:

.... Why are Christians always judging others?

Because Christians are a subset of people, they share the faults all people have and tend to get judgmental at times.

No. This is something unique to bad Christians. They are all closed-minded, ignorant, hypocritical bigots who are stupid and dumb. And they judge people.

Again, these are faults all people have. Christians often fall short of their goal, but the point is they keep trying.

I’m pretty sure they’re judgmental. Like that Tim Tebow, I’m pretty sure he’s judging me.

I’m not even sure he’s aware you exist.

Yeah, but the way he lives his life all “holy” and “nice” makes me really feel like he’s judging me for not doing the same.

I’m pretty sure Tim Tebow is just trying to do his best in the eyes of God and isn’t try to make you feel bad by it.

Still, I’d really feel better if he was caught doing something really licentious. It would make me feel less bad about myself. ....

Are Christians allowed to own businesses?

Under current understanding of the law, they are in fact allowed to own businesses, and many do.

But they’re not allowed to talk about all their weird Christany stuff while owning a business, right?

Most people would consider that to fall under our First Amendment rights — those protecting both freedom of speech and religion. Thus, people should be allowed to talk about their Christian beliefs without fearing government reprisal, such as politicians trying to block them from opening businesses. ....

But what if it’s a super hateful thing the Christians say, like being against gay marriage?

While homosexuals have often been treated hatefully (and hatefulness is certainly not a Christian value), there’s nothing hateful in opposing gay marriage. Christians simply believe that the Bible clearly states what God intends a marriage to be and want to respect that and not replace it with their own wants or judgments.

No, it’s hateful. So hateful, I’m going to write NoH8 on myself and put tape on my mouth for inexplicable reasons.

If you want to believe it’s hateful, you can, but that will prevent any rational discussion on the issue.

Hate! Hateful! Hater hate hate hate!

Now you’re just… let’s move on. .... [more]
PJ Media » An FAQ on Christianity for the Unbeliever

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