Friday, August 10, 2012

Liddell — after the Olympics

The Absolute Surrender site is devoted to a film project which I very much hope comes to fruition. The project's description:
The Film is based on the life story of Eric Liddell, the subject of the highly acclaimed and successful CHARIOTS OF FIRE. Following his Olympic success, he returned to China on the eve of World War II to join his family and continue his missionary work at tremendous personal sacrifice.
I previously posted about Eric Liddell here. His service as a missionary in China is — from a Christian's viewpoint — a much greater witness to faith than that brief portion of his life we know from Chariots of Fire.

The site also includes information about the film makers. The script was written by a Lutheran pastor, Eric Eichinger:
This summer, Eichinger traveled to Great Britain and Canada to interview Eric Liddell's daughters and nieces as a part of a video series launched on Absolute Surrender’s website this week. Along with conversations with family members, Eichinger provides rare footage of little known locations and facts as he follows in the footsteps of Eric Liddell. His goal is to bring awareness to the project and Liddell's remarkable legacy.
Eichinger is associated in the project with Howie Klausner whose films include Soul Surfer.

Absolute Surrender

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