Friday, June 13, 2014

170 years

August 23, 1909
Kevin Butler, the editor of The Sabbath Recorder, calls our attention to the 170th anniversary of that magazine's first publication:
.... On June 13, 1844 the first Sabbath Recorder was printed and mailed from New York City. It remains as one of the oldest continuous religious publications in the country.

The Recorder began as a weekly newspaper, went to a pamphlet-sized weekly, and became the monthly magazine we know it as today. ....
An earlier recognition of first publication included a description of the contents of the first issue:
The five-column weekly newspaper carried articles on religion, happenings among Seventh Day Baptist mission fields, and national news, including an article from the Baltimore American about Morse’s magnetic telegraph that had just been perfected. The writer was thrilled to be able to convey the news from the Democratic convention in Baltimore to Washington, as soon as it was announced.
George B. Utter
The editors over the life of the publication so far:
George B. Utter 1844-1857; 1860-1872
Nathan V. Hull 1872-1881
Lewis A. Platts 1882-1893
Leander E. Livermore       1893-1898
Abram Herbert Lewis 1898-1907
Theodore L. Gardiner 1907-1931
Herbert C. Van Horn 1931-1945
K. Duane Hurley 1945-1947
Hurley S. Warren 1947-1952
Leon M. Maltby 1953-1973
John D. Bevis 1973-1982
D. Scott Smith 1982-1989
Kevin J. Butler 1989-2014
Happy 170th, SR!! | Seventh Day Baptist | General Conference of the United States and Canada

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