Sunday, November 23, 2014

Animal Farm

Standpoint informs us that an animated film of George Orwell's Animal Farm has just been re-released on DVD:
Britain's first animated feature film was released 60 years ago. Surprisingly, it wasn't a story about princesses or princes, magic or dragons. It was far more politically charged than any Disney release has ever been: it was an adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm. ....

Orwell's story of the farm animals rising up against their oppressive owners only to discover that some are "more equal than others" was unlikely to have been made into a film without controversy, given Orwell's struggle to get the original book published. Halas and Batchelor changed the ending. Instead of the animals looking from pig to human, unable to differentiate between the two, the oppressed animals rise up against the pigs. Halas said he wanted to offer viewers a glimmer of hope, although Batchelor had wanted to stick to Orwell's ending. .... [more]
The DVD has been released in the UK. Perhaps it will soon be available here. In the meantime it is available streaming at Amazon - free to those of us who have Amazon Prime. It has been available on YouTube for some time (the Amazon version both looks and sounds better):

Farm Agents | Standpoint

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