Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fundamentalist Catholics

...[A] hundred years ago, the term was taken as a badge of honor by theologically conservative Protestants to distinguish themselves from liberal Protestantism. While liberal Protestants in mainline denominations were denying basic Christian teachings like the authority of the Bible and the bodily resurrection of Jesus, conservative Protestants called for going back to the “fundamentals” of the faith – hence the term.

There are obviously a lot of issues on which Catholics and fundamentalists disagree, but there are a few important issues for which fundamentalists take a lot of heat in our culture that Catholics actually agree with them on – or at least are supposed to. ....
His "five":
  1. The authority of the literal sense of Scripture 
  2. The reality of sin and hell
  3. The absolute unicity of Jesus for salvation 
  4. The future Second Coming of Christ 
  5. A willingness to be fools for Christ 

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