Monday, November 17, 2014

Millennials at worship

A friend directed me to this from the Barna Group: "Designing Worship Spaces with Millennials in Mind." The research targeted that generation's attitudes about the most appropriate worship settings. The summaries of what they found included:
  • For many, size is a necessary evil rather than a selling point. Participants acknowledged that a successful church would grow and therefore need to increase the size of its services and facilities. But they also expressed a bit of tacit distrust for very large churches. One young man put it starkly: “It seems like a really big business.”
  • ...[M]ost Millennials’ overall preference [is] for a straightforward, overtly Christian style of imagery—as long as it doesn’t look too institutional or corporate. Not only do such settings physically direct one’s attention to the divine, they also provide a rich context of church history as the backdrop for worship.
  • Most Millennials don’t look for a church facility that caters to the whims of pop culture. They want a community that calls them to deeper meaning.”
There is much more in the article describing both differing attitudes among those surveyed and the methodologies used. There is also a link to the full study.

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