Friday, December 22, 2006

Alliance of Baptists

The Alliance of Baptists is one of the affiliates of the Baptist Joint Committee - apparently representative of the "Southern Baptists" who wished to remain in the BJC. Albert Mohler's blog reports on some of its other affiliations:
In 2003, the Alliance of Baptists (formerly known as the Southern Baptist Alliance) and the UCC entered into a "partnership in mission and ministry." The groups recognize each other's ministers, etc.

Interestingly, the report of the UCC growth among liberal congregations disaffected from the SBC came just days after Andover Newton Theological School announced an October 25, 2006 "dialogue" between UCC representatives and officials of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

As the school announced:
Rev. John Thomas, General Minister and President of the UCC and Rev. William Sinkford, President, of the UUA, will reflect on the historical affinities and divisions between their denominations, and then go on to explore current realities and future possibilities. This exchange is of interest to clergy and congregants in both denominations because, despite theological differences and the historical controversy that led to their split, in recent years there has been a growing solidarity of the two groups. On a number of issues of progressive religious conviction and social justice the two share common perspectives, and in some communities there are some churches that have become aligned with both denominations.
Keep in mind the fact that the UUA does not even claim to be a Christian denomination. By definition, it is committed to Unitarianism and Universalism.
Source: Conventional Thinking

Seventh Day Baptists are still affiliated with the BJC.

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