Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SDB Exec: BJC "Vote by churches"

The issue of SDB affiliation with the Baptist Joint Committee will come to a head at General Conference next summer. From the SDB Exec blog:
Every few years an issue will arise that is so controversial or so important, or both, that churches are asked to send their delegates to the General Conference session with instructions about how to cast that church's vote. This process is called a "vote by churches" and when it occurs it takes two years to complete. One Conference session will send the issue to the churches for a vote at Conference the following year. During the Conference session in 2006 such a vote was set for...the Conference 2007 session.

In a couple of weeks your church will receive a packet with info on the Baptist Joint Committee. In this packet there will be pro and con opinions on whether we should remain affiliated with the BJC.

Source: SDB Exec: December 2006

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