Thursday, February 8, 2007

Picking a Bible

Withering Fig has advice about "5 Keys to Picking the Best Bible Translation for You." His headings, along with an excerpt that reinforces my own bias:
  1. Readability
  2. Word-for-Word is a Must (Paraphrase and Perish)
    ...When we're talking about God's Word, why would you want it paraphrased? Wouldn't you want to get the best idea possible of exactly what he is saying? ... Paraphrase translations, like Eugene Peterson's The Message can be interesting reads. However, I have trouble calling it the Bible. ... A word-for-word translation allows us the best access to the original without knowledge of the languages involved.
  3. Who's Translating This Thing?
  4. How is the Text Presented?
  5. Play the Field
Source: 5 Keys to Picking the Best Bible Translation For You | Withering Fig

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  1. Word-for-word with good readability is why I stick with the New American Standard. :)


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