Monday, February 19, 2007

"The New Baptist Covenant" again

General Conference executive Rob Appel reports on developments around the proposed "New Baptist Covenant" [see earlier postings here and here]. He is approaching it very cautiously:
On January 12th, I posted an article from the Baptist Press about the meeting that many Baptist leaders had with each other and with former Presidents Carter and Clinton. Many have read this and my article in the February Sabbath Recorder and decided that I am in favor of all that is written and pressing forward on the issues. Nothing could be further from reality. ....
And from a letter he wrote to the organizers:
...I cannot and will not recommend to the SDBs that we go forward until we have all the facts around this possible celebration in a more concrete structure and design. I agree that this is a unique opportunity and would feel better about making a decision now about going forward if Presidents Carter and Clinton were not affiliated with the cause at this time. Their connection simply conveys the wrong message to those looking at this for the first time. It is not a political event, so why have the political ties?
Source: SDB Exec

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