Sunday, June 10, 2007


The "Catechizer" at the Wittenberg Door doesn't think he cares much for the "Emergent" Church:

I haven’t spent much time on the Emergent Church movement (I know they don’t like to be called a movement, but hey, if the label fits . . .) .... I will take a moment, though, to mention something that really irks me—the label “second Reformation” being applied to this movement. Here’s what bothers me: The Reformation was a call back to the Scriptures, back to the doctrines of Christ and the apostles. The battle cry was Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, and for God’s glory alone.

As far as I can tell, the Emergent movement is a call to refashion the church into the culture’s image. Trends not truth seem to rule the day. The faith once and for all delivered to the saints is traded for the ethereal post-modern rejection of all things dogmatic, at least by many of its figureheads. ....

And the Internet Monk would prefer not to be identified with the movement.

The Wittenberg Door: The Emergent Elijah, walls that won't fall - basics for the local church