Thursday, June 28, 2007

The irrelevance of relevant preaching

David Mills in the July/August issue of Touchstone:

If the Christian revelation is both true and a truth to which fallen men are partly blinded, and a truth of great complexity and sophistication, a preacher may be most relevant when his language is least contemporary, and may be irrelevant to the point of fatuousness when it is most contemporary. [more]
"All that is not eternal, is eternally out of date."
C.S. Lewis

Touchstone Archives: Preaching Without Reaching

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  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Thanks for the link to a most thoughtful article. I'm reminded of the parable of the talents. The industrious servants invested the talents and got a return. The third was lazy and got nothing.

    Why sit in a pew and not put in the effort to learn the language necessary to learn spiritual truth?


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