Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Does the candidate agree?

Washington Times religion editor, Julia Duin, considers what question she would ask Mitt Romney if she were in Texas for the religion/Mormonism speech on Thursday:
....[J]ournalists are flying to College Station, Texas, for Mitt Romney's Big Religion Speech tomorrow. I'm not going but I loaned political reporter Joe Curl - who is going - a copy of my dog-eared Mormonism for Dummies by Jana Riess and Christopher Kimball Bigelow. I read it from cover to cover last year. ....

My question: Assuming that Mr. Romney identifies himself as Christian, how would he define Jesus Christ? Mormon doctrine says, among other things, that Jesus was Lucifer's spirit brother. He is also the elder brother of all humans, all of whom are the offspring of a God, Who is married to a heavenly Mother. Does the candidate agree with these doctrines? ....
The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

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