Monday, December 17, 2007

Newport Meeting House

The denomination to which I belong, the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, was formed by Sabbath keeping Baptists whose history is rooted in the English Reformation and the early American colonial era. Our first church in North America, organized in 1671, was in Newport, Rhode Island and a meeting house that group later built has been preserved by the Newport Historical Society. From Kevin Butler, at SDB Exec:
We just got this news from Bertram Lippincott, librarian at the Newport, Rhode Island, Historical Society:

"Restoration has begun on the vaulted ceiling of the 1730 Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. Details and photographs will be forthcoming." Some of the funds for this restoration came from SDBs and the SDB Historical Society. Newport's Historical Society purchased the old 1730 Meeting House years ago, and much of their structure actually surrounds the SDB sanctuary. The Newport SDB Church, our first in America, began in 1671.

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