Saturday, December 15, 2007

Built on a solid foundation

Tom Gilson, who blogs at Thinking Christian, will soon have a review published by Touchstone. I have previously recommended that magazine, but Tom describes it better than I ever have, as a magazine of "thinking Christian eclecticism."
This is not the kind of religious eclecticism that borrows too freely and too widely from various faiths. Touchstone calls itself a “Journal of Mere Christianity.” C.S. Lewis, in his book of that name, defined “Mere Christianity” as the set of beliefs that all historic Christian traditions share. Touchstone gathers material from Protestant, Roman, and Orthodox traditions, yet remaining careful to stay within categories of shared Biblical beliefs. Thus you will find much of the glory of Jesus Christ here, but not (for example) Marian doctrine.

There’s a second kind of eclecticism in the magazine. The topics under consideration range from straight Biblical exegesis, to Virgil, to Intelligent Design, to pro-life advocacy, to the persecuted church. And much more. Mix that with the varying authors’ traditions and what you get is refreshing variety: reading material that’s off your beaten path, whatever that path may be. ....

So add to your refreshment a touch of challenge, built on a solid Biblical foundation, and you have Touchstone–strongly recommended for thinking Christians.
You can subscribe to Touchstone at this link.

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