Monday, December 17, 2007

An endorsement

"Substance over style" is the reason for this endorsement of Fred Thompson for President. In addition to the reasons given here, Thompson is good on the issues social conservative care about. Read it.

Too many Christians I read and respect admire Mike Huckabee for me to have simply dismissed his candidacy out of hand and he is certainly doing well now both in Iowa and in the national polls. If he is nominated I will support him [as I would any of the credible candidates], but I very much hope he is not the nominee. His campaign is too sectarian to succeed in a national election. I dislike the implications of his approach to health issues. It seems to me that he is unrealistic with respect to crime. And he comes across as a lightweight on foreign policy. Any one of these should be enough to sink a campaign for the Republican nomination, and each of them make me wonder whether those who support him have considered carefully enough the wisdom of their support.

The Envelope Please . . . | Redstate

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  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hi,Im from Melbourne Australia.
    Speaking of substance over style I quite like this assessment of the "great man" for whom there is heaps of nostalgia in right wing circles these days.


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