Sunday, September 2, 2007

For the Calvinists among us

Reformation Art offers something for the theologically inclined Calvinist. There are pictures for sale, for example, John Knox, and a variety of Reformed personalities from several countries and eras. There is free computer wallpaper for those who would profit from having J. Gresham Machen or John Calvin looking back at them from the screen. And there is also a t-shirt with the benign visage of the great Reformer [thus far, the only t-shirt offered].


  1. John Calvin looking back at me? That's pretty scary. I'd be afraid he'd want to haul me before the council, have me tried for heresy and burned alive at the stake.

    These Reformers are not men we want to either admire or emulate.

  2. I certainly wouldn't want to emulate them in every respect. The concept of tolerance wasn't very well developed at that time - by anyone.


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