Friday, September 21, 2007

Great Lake

I'm back and paying attention to the blog again after several extremely pleasant days on the western shore of Lake Michigan. My brother and I are both single and retired and thus free to take off somewhere when the weather is good and an opportunity beckons. Both conditions obtained this week. It was a good time. Fortunately, we enjoy many of the same things.

The picture on the left was taken an hour or so after sunrise this morning. The one below yesterday afternoon. I was re-reading one of Dick Francis's early thrillers, Bonecrack. Almost all of his mysteries are set in the context of horse racing in England, and I enjoy his early ones the most. Enough time had passed since I last read it that I remembered very little of the plot. The sun was warm, but there were too many annoying flies - repellent goes in the bag next time.

When not reading, we were walking or eating and drinking. Our favorite restaurant in Sheboygan is a place called Rupp's, which probably hasn't changed very much since the middle of the last century. We stayed at a place called Blue Harbor, quite new and right on the lake. School has started and we were there on weekdays, so it was very quiet [and significantly less expensive than usual]. The place has a water park and caters to families with children but there were few about. It was peaceful and very relaxing.

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