Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"For as often as you do it..."

Something more from Russell Moore, this time from his "relaunched site." He asks "Why Is the Lord’s Supper So Rare" in so many of our churches?
.... Why is the Lord’s Supper, for so many churches, a rare event by design?

It was not so from the beginning. The ordinary pattern of the Supper in the early church, the Book of Acts tells us, was a weekly observance (Acts 2:42), a pattern of frequency that seems to be presumed in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.

But many of our congregations come to the Table quarterly or even less often. If you ask (and I have), some of these pastors and church members will say it’s for fear of an overly ritualistic understanding of the Supper, or in order to keep the congregation from growing callous to the Supper out of repetition. .... [more]
My Baptist church has Communion once a quarter, like the Baptist church I grew up in. I know of a church that does it once a year. I've never questioned the pattern. Moore's question is a very good one.

Moore to the Point by Russell D. Moore: Why Is the Lord’s Supper So Rare?

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