Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The will of God is our sanctification"

Part of an interview with Kevin DeYoung:
Your church is across the street from a major state university. What are some of your favorite resources to point the college students in your church to?

I think college students want meat. We do them a disservice by expecting so little of them, intellectually and spiritually. We try to point our students to classics from people like C.S. Lewis, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards. .... We’re pretty convinced, however, that reading the Bible is the best thing for every college student..

Your new book (Just Do Something) is set to be released the day this interview hits the web. Why did you write a book on that particular topic?

I’ve spoken on the will of God in a number of different settings over the years and the response has always been remarkable. Most Christians, especially younger ones, really struggle to find God’s will. They get baffled by all the decisions in life—marriage, job, school, retirement—and are desperate for God to tell them what to do. This approach to God’s will makes Christians too passive and swallows us up in a mess of guilt. ....

What should people expect (and NOT expect) from your book on finding God’s will?

The whole gist of the book is that the will of God is our sanctification (1 Thess. 4:3). If we love God, love others, and obey the commands of Scripture, we have the freedom to make decisions “on our own”, because such a life is already in the will of God. My book doesn’t offer guidance on how to discern God’s will like some magic eight ball. It’s not that God can’t ever show up in surprising ways, but we shouldn’t be waiting around for writing in the sky before we move out of our parent’s bedroom, find a job, and start serving God where we’re at. .... (more)
I just now received notice from Amazon that my copy of the book has shipped.

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