Friday, April 24, 2009

Sabbath Recorder, May 2009

The May, 2009, Sabbath Recorder is available online here as a pdf.

This issue of the Sabbath Recorder has an emphasis on the Sabbath, including an article by Conference President Ed Cruzan about his own Sabbath experience. Part of what he writes:
...[W]hen I only look at the dos and don’ts of Sabbath, and how Sabbath is to be “observed,” I become a law-keeper. ....

So what do I do on Sabbath? I gather with the saints for corporate worship (including singing; I love singing), partake in prayer and communion with the body of Christ, engage in group Bible study, and eat fellowship meals with my brothers and sisters. I do things that cause me to experience God’s presence.

However, I believe that Sabbath is not about what I do or don’t do. For me, Sabbath is a foretaste of heaven!

Sabbath is about “being,” not doing. Sabbath is about being a Mary rather than a Martha.

Sabbath is about experiencing the presence of God with a clear conscience, which is only possible through the freedom I receive in Christ Jesus!

Sabbath is not having to do anything, but having the freedom to do everything to the glory of God the Father.
In addition to everything else, this issue contains the registration materials for the General Conference sessions at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from July 26 to August 1. It is also possible to register online here.

The Sabbath Recorder is the magazine of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference and has been regularly published in some form since 1844.

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