Sunday, July 24, 2011

But why not a name that means something?

Walter Russell Mead entirely approves of the decision by Campus Crusade For Christ to change its name to "Cru" primarily because by eliminating "Crusade" from the name avoids giving unnecessary offense. Mead:
“Crusade” and “jihad” are very similar words. Both can mean a holy war against the infidel; both can mean a struggle against social evil. But whenever Christians talk about crusades, and whenever Muslims bring up jihad, hackles rise.

Campus Crusade for Christ, an evangelical group that works primarily with young people, picked the name at a time when few Americans thought about Islam. (The Orthodox also don’t like the name; a crusade gone even more awry than usual sacked Constantinople in 1204.) ....
Some of the controversy about the name change has centered on the suspicion that it represents a diminished commitment to the gospel. Nothing I have read supports that. The reason "Cru" gives is a fine reason for making a name change. But why the change they decided to make? Why change to "Cru"? Why change from a name that means something to one that is entirely meaningless? A clue appears on a page announcing the change. The email address for contact takes you to the "brandmanager." "Branding" has occurred. "Branding" is a marketing term. Try a Google search and after an article or two about cattle, everything else is about business and corporate image, and particularly the logo. At least after the meaningless new name, the logo includes a cross....

Campus Crusade For Christ To Change Name | Via Meadia

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