Monday, July 25, 2011

Christian fundamentalist?

After the horror of the mass murders in Norway last Friday and then the discovery that they were apparently committed by a single individual, there was an understandable desire to know what could conceivably have motivated him. The deputy police chief of Oslo provided one of the early answers: "Mr. Breivik belongs to a Christian, fundamentalist, extreme-right environment in Norway" and almost immediately the news media went with the "Christian, fundamentalist" bit. We now know more, and it isn't that simple. Arne H. Fjeldstad, identified at as someone with "30 years experience in the mainstream Norwegian press — best known as an editor at the influential Aftenposten," has been reading Breivik's fifteen hundred page manifesto. His findings are here: "The Norway Massacre: Born of Ideology or Belief?"

Found through the GetReligion site

The Norway Massacre: Born of Ideology or Belief? | The Media Project

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