Friday, July 22, 2011

Remembering the Civil War

The American Civil War began in 1861 and so we are observing its 150th anniversary, although very few seem to be aware of that fact. Much more was made of it during the 100th anniversary — or perhaps I think that only because during those years I was a teenage guide at what had been a stop on the Underground Railway. I recall reading Bruce Catton's Centennial History of the Civil War and buying the enormous illustrated American Heritage History of the Civil War, with, once again, Bruce Catton providing the text. The Milton College Library, where I worked part-time, had a plaque recognizing the service of college students in the conflict. Just down the street from my parents' home was the house that had belonged to Hosea Rood, a veteran of that war and founder of the Civil War Museum that used to be in Wisconsin's capitol building — the predecessor of today's Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

Several online sites are follwoing the events of 150 years ago day-by-day, including:
The picture is of "Old Abe," mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteers.

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