Monday, July 25, 2011

Not enough Scripture

Steve Holmes begins his essay, "How much Scripture to preach on?" with a comment about the use of Scripture in worship:
...[O]ne of the (fairly few) things that annoy me about the contemporary, ‘soft-charismatic’ style of worship that represents the British Baptist mainstream these days is the relative lack of Scripture heard in the services. I’ve written elsewhere about my desire to return to, at least, ‘Old Testament, Epistle, Gospel’ patterns of lectionary reading as opposed to just reading the passage preached on. ....

I observe further a strange phenomenon, that in contemporary church life in Britain, the more a particular church/preacher trumpets their high view of Scripture, the less actual Scripture we hear read in their services. .... [more]
Most of his argument, however, is about expository preaching and, interestingly, how giving too much attention to too little Scripture can turn "exposition" into something else entirely.

Thanks to Kingdom People for the reference.

How much Scripture to preach on? « Shored Fragments

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