Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Christianity Today reports that the Today's New International Version is being discontinued and the NIV will be significantly revised:
....Keith Danby said the 2002 revision of the translation, Today's New International Version (TNIV) was a mistake.

"Quite frankly, some of the criticism was justified and we need to be brutally honest about the mistakes that were made," Danby said. "We failed to make the case for revisions and we made some important errors in the way we brought the translation to publication. We also underestimated the scale of the public affection for the NIV and failed to communicate the rationale for change in a manner that reflected that affection." ....

Doug Moo, chairman of the the Committee on Bible Translation (which is the body responsible for the translation) said the committee has not yet decided how much the 2011 edition will include the gender-inclusive language that roiled critics of the TNIV. .... [more]

I used the NIV for many years but never made the shift to the TNIV. I always preferred the language of the Revised Standard Version and was very pleased when the English Standard Version appeared. I paid relatively little attention to the arguments about the quality of the translations although I have an aversion to trendiness and decisions that seem to owe more to political correctness than anything else. I have now settled happily into the ESV.

Correcting the 'Mistakes' of TNIV, Translators Will Overhaul NIV | Liveblog | Christianity Today

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  1. "Note: An earlier version of this blog post said that Keith Danby's remark that "some of the criticism was justified and we need to be brutally honest about the mistakes that were made" was in regards to the Today's New International Version. He was discussing the earlier New International Version Inclusive Language Edition, released in the U.K. in 1996. I sincerely apologize for the error."

    Thought you might be interested. ;)

    I never really went for the TNIV, but looking at the differences and criticism, didn't think it to be as egregious as some others, particularly the NIVi. It's good to see them admit that mistake.


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