Monday, September 28, 2009

The Word became flesh

The Gospel Coalition has posted a link to the pdf of an article, "The Person of Christ," which is a part of the The ESV Study Bible. It seems to me [neither a scholar nor a theologian] a pretty good primer. [Update: according to Justin Taylor, the author of the article is Erik Thoennes of Biola]

The introductory paragraph:
Four statements must be understood and affirmed in order to attain a complete biblical picture of the person of Jesus Christ:
  1. Jesus Christ is fully and completely divine.
  2. Jesus Christ is fully and completely human.
  3. The divine and human natures of Christ are distinct.
  4. The divine and human natures of Christ are completely united in one person.
A chart included later in the article neatly summarizes "Heresies Concerning the Person of Christ":

Ebionismdenies the deity of Christ
Arianismdenies the fullness of the deity of Christ
Docetismdenies the humanity of Christ
Apollinarianismdenies the fullness of the humanity of Christ
Nestorianismdenies the unity of the natures in one person
Eutychianismdenies the distinction of the natures

The pdf is linked here.

The Gospel Coalition - The Person of Christ

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  1. I keep looking at the ESV study Bible. But that's a lot of book and I don't think I'd want to carry that around, even at church.

    What I'd like is to get the Kindle version (and a Kindle to read it on).


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