Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do unto others

John Mark Reynolds offers some good advice to those of us engaged at the intersection of our faith with politics. Advice I will try to take to heart. He expands on each point in his post. Indulging the temptation to violate the first point has been made much easier by the blogging, commenting and tweeting environment.
Living in a republic means making political decisions. From Socrates to Reagan, wise political heads have given good advice on how to conduct oneself in public life. I don’t always live up to their wisdom, but these ideas are worthy goals.
  • Be slow to speak.
  • Strong opinions encourage authentic dialogue.
  • Attacking ideas is different than attacking people.
  • Authenticity is useful, but posturing is not.
  • Anti-intellectualism prevents discussion.
  • Intellectualism prevents authentic discussion.
  • Be charitable in your assumptions about your opponent.
This last really sums up all the rest. It can be summed up in the wisdom of Jesus Christ that we should do to others what we wish they would do to us. Never was this advice more important for American Christians who are involved in politics.
Doing Unto My Political Other: 7 Suggestions for Christians in the Public Square | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow

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