Monday, September 21, 2009

A readable Authorized Version?

Mark Bertrand likes the idea of a KJV formatted for reading rather than reference.
...[O]ne of the factors contributing to the "loss" of the KJV by modern readers is its archaic typography. Paragraphed KJVs are rare enough, so the fact that Thomas Nelson is publishing a single column, paragraphed edition set in 10 pt. type is rather thrilling. ....

For a detailed look, be sure to open the complete PDF: KJV Single-Column Bible Layout PDF (First Proof). ....

Nelson is also going to publish an NKJV in the same format.

Bible Design and Binding: Another Inside Look: Nelson's KJV Single-Column Bible

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  1. Yes I agree. I'm not thinking so much about a chant psalter, but it would be good if there was an authorized version pointed for good congregational reading, in particular such as for responsive worship. Good reading of psalms is somewhat difficult with the punctuation in most bibles. Conceptual parallism of the verse, were the mid point of the verse is marked for a breath & a smaller mental comas indicate a brief pause would be a great help. The closest version I suppose would be the Coverdale psalter, which has very beautiful KJ language. Just a fe thoughts.


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