Wednesday, January 17, 2007

BJC Packet

Reviewing the packet sent out by the SDB Center on the BJC issue: arguments by both sides are represented, but there seems to be a certain quantitative disproportion. The pro-BJC side has considerably more space. Starting with the "Hot Button" Issues pages [which justify the BJC position in all but one instance], the pro-BJC position occupies sixteen pages, while those opposed to the BJC are given only seven [and that includes three taken from this blog - which would have been revised if their inclusion had been anticipated]. Three pages are neutral.

The attention to this blog is flattering. The only other advocate for disaffiliation musters a very strong case - but we're it, for that side. On the pro-BJC side there are three "opinions" from "SDB Members," a resolution from the BJC, our representative's testimony to his positive experience with the BJC, and the aforesaid "Hot Button" pages. That's better than two-to-one, but no doubt necessary given the strength of our arguments.

I'll have further comment on those arguments as I continue to review the document.

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