Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The "real" Jesus

The director of Starship Troopers, Basic Instinct and Robocop has decided to take on Jesus:
I was particularly taken with how taken Mr. Verhoeven is with the gravity of his project: "[My story] really goes into the politics of the time and tries to show a lot of things that have been buried and eliminated by Christianity. My scriptwriter told me not to do the movie in the United States because they might shoot me. So I took his advice and decided to write a book about it first."

Yes, you remember how the perpetrators of the Jesus Seminar scam - where casino-inspired card flips passed for real scholarship - were mowed down, Mob-style. You remember how the streets ran red with blood when The Da Vinci Code sold skatey-eight million copies and then went on to make more than $200 million in fundamentalist America. And, of course, there was that dirty bomb that went off on publication of the Gospel of Thomas and that continues to make several area codes in the Mid-Atlantic states uninhabitable. One can only wonder what astonishing revelation about the Jesus-we-never-knew Verhoeven intends?
Anthony Sacramone goes on to list many of the idiotic theories about Jesus that have been put forward and discusses what keeps the "Jesus-we-never-knew" business going. Here is the article.

Source: FIRST THINGS: On the Square

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