Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Stranger in a strange land"

GetReligion reports on a story in the Denver Post:
....Mike Jones, the former prostitute whose allegations about having sex and taking drugs with Haggard broke wide on the eve of the 2006 elections, went to worship on Sunday. Although Jones didn't notify the media in advance, he did tell church leadership he might be there. Eric Gorski of the Denver Post had the story:
As soon as the visitor from Denver walked through the church doors Sunday morning, heads turned. Word spread quickly: He was here.

Just about every person who offered him a handshake said the same thing: Welcome, thank you and God bless.
....associate pastor Rob Brendle ... explain[ed] why he thinks the church was so receptive to Jones — who had been invited to attend more than a few times:
Brendle characterized Jones’ presence as a reminder of both grief and God’s faithfulness. “I told Mike, ‘I don’t want to impose my religious beliefs on you, but I believe God used you to correct us, and I appreciate that,”’ Brendle said. ....
Source: Stranger in a strange land » GetReligion

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