Monday, January 8, 2007

"Four Views on Baptism"

Between Two Worlds recommends a new book: Understanding Four Views on Baptism, by John D. Castelein, Robert Kolb, Thomas J. Nettles, Richard L. Pratt Jr., Zondervan, February, 2007
Synopsis: Christians have long differed with one another on both the meaning and the practice of water baptism. Using the classic Counterpoints forum of presentation-critique-response, this insightful book explores four prominent views of baptism held by different branches of Protestantism: Baptist, Christian Church/Church of Christ, Lutheran, and Reformed.
Thirty years ago InterVarsity published a book titled The Water that Divides: The Baptism Debate, written by a proponent of infant baptism and one of "believer's" baptism, with chapters responding to one another. As someone who grew up in a Baptist church, it was especially valuable to me for its explanation of the justification for baptizing infants. I wasn't persuaded but it reduced my sectarian arrogance considerably. It is out of print and worthy of being re-published.

Source: Between Two Worlds: Four Views on Baptism

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