Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Speaker Pelosi's daughter joins the Culture War"

From Mere Comments at Touchstone Magazine:
Alexandra Pelosi is a filmmaker, set to debut her newest documentary on evangelical Christianity on HBO January 25th. She is also the daughter of the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. And she, halfway anyway, thinks conservative Christians are on the right side of the so-called "culture wars."

Pelosi, who previously made waves with her 2000 Bush campaign documentary "Journeys with George," describes herself, according to the New York Times, as a "lapsed Catholic who dislikes church." Nonetheless, the Times reports, she makes sure her new baby will be brought up in church so he will have "more than himself and capitalism to believe in."

According to the Times article, Pelosi fears that many evangelicals won't watch her documentary, simply because she's the Speaker's daughter. Nonetheless, she feels a strange pull toward some of the concerns of conservative Christians. "I believe in the culture war," Pelosi tells reporter Felicia R. Lee. "And you know what? If I have to take a side in the culture war, I'll take their side. Because if you give me the choice of Paris Hilton or Jesus, I'll take Jesus." ...
Source: Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: Speaker Pelosi's Daughter Joins the Culture War

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