Friday, January 26, 2007

The lessons of history

Germans, because of their past, seem particularly aware of the danger of devaluing human life.
Germans have learned some lessons from their traumatic history. They have looked on in horror as the Dutch have legalized and normalized euthanasia.

Most Germans also do not like research on humans at any stage. Dr. Mengele haunts their nightmares. reports:
  • "More than half (56.3 percent) of the citizens of the Federal Republic wants science to concentrate exclusively on research with adult stem cells. Two thirds (66.5 percent) think it 'just' that in Germany that 'no human embryos can be produced and destroyed for research purposes.'"
  • Women were much more opposed than men were to research that harmed human embryos. Young people were also heavily pro-life.
I give the Germans only a B+ because they still allow abortion, although under far more restrictions than the United States (the US has essentially none).

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