Monday, January 29, 2007

Mixing religion and politics

A study of campaign appearances in religious venues during the 2004 Presidential race reveals a rather different picture than the stereotype. By Sean Everton in Books & Culture:
.... To track where the candidates visited from March 3, 2004 (the day when John Kerry effectively wrapped up the Democratic nomination) through November 2, 2004 (the day of the 2004 Presidential election) I gathered data from numerous sources. ....

.... Less than 2 percent of the combined campaign appearances of all four candidates occurred at houses of worship, and less than 5 percent could be interpreted as faith-related in any way. .... Senators Kerry and Edwards visited and spoke at far more churches than did President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. The former appeared and spoke at nineteen churches while the latter spoke at only one. ....

...George Bush met with religious leaders, addressed faith-based conventions and conferences, and even spoke at a church-related university. However, so did John Kerry and John Edwards. ... while Bush and Cheney made 18 non-church faith-based campaign appearances, Kerry and Edwards made twenty-five.

Source: Whose Faith-Based Initiative? - Books & Culture

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